Plexus Slim Cost

Why does Plexus Slim Cost So Much?

This is the first question I asked myself when I decided to try out Plexus. The first month that I purchased Plexus Slim I had signed up as an ambassador so I went all the way from the beginning. This may be a little over-kill for some people, but there was a reason behind the madness that completely justified it in my mind. One of the things that Plexus does is curb your appetite. You don’t realize it when you’re looking to buy the product, you just see the price and your natural reaction is, “Wow that’s expensive!” I do it when I buy a gallon of milk, so this is really not out of the ordinary. The problem is that it’s really easy to dismiss an opportunity if you make quick decisions like this without putting some thought into it. Here was the thought process I had that got me past the initial shock. When I started my journey with Plexus Slim, I was spending at least 6 bucks a day on lunch, that’s not counting the snacks, coffees, and everything else in between. So realistically I was probably spending 10-15 dollars a day on unnecessary junk. Let’s just use the minimum of $6 per day though. Do the math for a month’s worth of just the money wasted on lunch and/or snacks. $6 x 30=$180 $180 on lunch for the month! That’s ridiculous and really a low-ball estimate. Using Plexus Slim kept me from thinking about grabbing a snack or coffee every time I got the chance. By taking the little pink drink, I was saving at the minimum $80 (it was probably more like $150) per month just from avoiding the extra costs that comes with impulse snaking. So from the first month Plexus was saving me money and I’m not even considering the health benefits that make it so much more worth it. This is how I justified paying the money for Plexus Slim. That’s not where the story ends though! Because I decided to buy Plexus Slim, and and do it as an ambassador; I was able to share my “secret” to living healthier with others and help them to do the same. I was like a walking billboard for my business and this made me feel better about being a “salesperson”. I always made sure to take my Plexus in front of people (if you decide to sell Plexus be sure to do this). Because people are naturally curious, they would ask me about Plexus. So I didn’t have to be one of those annoying salespeople, which was great because they really just get on my nerves. Selling Plexus Slim is different though, it has helped a lot of people. So I wasn’t really pushing a product just for the sale. I was actually helping people, and this makes you feel great. There’s nothing like getting a thank you email from someone you sold Plexus to.

The Plexus Ambassador Program

  I joined the Plexus ambassador program just as a way of taking care of the money I would be spending on Plexus every month. The goal was to get a few people to buy some Plexus every month and the money from the commissions would pay for my Plexus. Not only would I be saving money by buying Plexus Slim (cutting down on snacks), I actually gave myself the opportunity to make money doing it the right way. So if you are trying to use cost as the sole reason keeping you from making this life-changing decision, you really need to do a little better than that. You’re going to need a better excuse.

Plexus Slim Cost

Make the right decision for you!

I’m not saying to start a business if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, but if you’re serious about losing some weight try Plexus. If you are just purchasing it for weight loss there’s a 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. So you really have nothing to lose. Life is all about making good decisions, you spend countless hours trying to make the best decisions for you and your family. Inaction is usually what keeps us from getting out of the rut in life that we grow to hate so much. Need a little more information to make the best decision for you? Learn more about Plexus here. Or you can find out how much the product you are interested in costs, by clicking on what you want below. This will take you to my ambassador site with the prices.          

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  1. I have a question…if you become an ambassador to get the discounted pricing do you have to sell the product?

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  • This site has been approved by the Plexus Worldwide Compliance Department Approval Code: 231901692014af