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What would you say on your death bed?

In a book written by a palliative nurse entitled, “The Top Five Regrets of The Dying”; the top two regrets people have in their last days are: 1. They didn’t live a life true to themselves. They never gave themselves a chance to realize their dreams because they were too busy trying to satisfy other people’s beliefs of what their life should be. 2. They worked too hard. They didn’t get to see their children grow up and they didn’t get to have the relationship with their spouse that they wanted. They weren’t able to dedicate enough time to what was important because they spent their whole lives working. This was so powerful to me. I pictured myself saying the same kinds of things on my death bed. We spend our whole lives trying to make ends meet and a lot is lost in the process. The majority of you would probably call and quit your job right now if you knew your family would get everything they need and desire. I can remember the days, not too long ago, when my daughter used to say, “Don’t go to work, stay here with me.” It absolutely killed me! I knew I should be at home with her, those moments when they are children are so precious and very short-lived. I decided it was time for me to own my life. I was done letting debt and a job keep me from what I love. I am proud to say that I no longer have to hear my baby tell me how much she misses me. I get to spend every day with her, and it’s all because of a product called Plexus. I now earn enough money from Plexus to be able to stay home and not leave the house to work. The product speaks for itself and is helping so many people, but on top of that the company truly cares about each and every ambassador’s success. The best part is that it doesn’t take a special degree or any training, anyone can do it. All it takes is some determination and commitment.

You have the chance to own your life!

The only question you need to ask yourself is if you have what it takes to succeed. Is financial freedom and being able to spend your time as you please more important to you than whatever fear is holding you back from making a choice to change your life? The Plexus program is not very complicated. You basically earn income from selling the product or referring other people to sell the product. I suggest you start by trying the products out for yourself. Once you see what they can do for you, the selling part of the business just becomes the ability to hold a conversation. Plexus offers its ambassadors several ways to earn money and generous prices to buy the product at.

Here are some videos detailing the great compensation plan Plexus offers:

The only way to get Plexus at wholesale prices

You will have to sign up as an ambassador or associate under someone in order to get wholesale pricing. Plexus encourages all of its ambassadors to work with each other so they will all have a better chance at success. What was most appealing to me was that the ambassadors genuinely took an interest in my desire to sell Plexus. Knowing that I had that kind of support gave me the extra determination to give it a chance. Here’s what ultimately convinced me to give it a chance: I wasn’t going to be pushing a product that no one really wants on the people that I know and love. Plexus actually can work! Check out these reviews if you need a little more convincing. Here’s one example of many success stories from Plexus

Plexus-success“It’s great to enjoy ALL weekends off!”

“Plexus has blessed my life tremendously! I began using the products in January 2011. By year end not only had I lost 120 lbs, but from working the business very part-time I made a full-time income. Quite a nice additional income for a single mom of 3. I had been working a full-time day job and two part-time jobs at night and every weekend to pay the bills. Thanks to Plexus I have been able to keep our home, stop working the two part-time jobs, and not struggle financially. It’s great to enjoy all my weekends off”

– Janet F.

Check out what Plexus has done for Diamond Ambassador Laurie Cooper

If you think you have what it takes, then  sign up as an ambassador. If you decide to join my team I will be fully committed to you and willing to help you in any way I can, so don’t worry you won’t be alone. You will also be a part of a very successful upline. If you choose to start your own Plexus business, you will have a chance to make money through different methods. The company offers different forms of compensation. You can receive commissions from people who purchase from you, or if you sell it yourself, or if people who you have sponsored makes sales. Plexus has a structure in place that allows ambassadors to make more money when other ambassadors succeed. This is the kind of atmosphere the company offers, one that everyone can build on together. The compensation plan that Plexus has put in place allows every ambassador on their team to benefit from the success of others. This means one thing: Everyone on the Plexus team wants YOU to succeed! This was one of the determining factors for me when I decided to start my Plexus journey. The way the team is set up gives you confidence and help in areas where you would otherwise be a little afraid. The day you sign up as an ambassador you are given a chance to be on a call which answers basically any question someone just starting out with Plexus would have. The people on these calls are some of the most successful ambassadors on the team.

The Plexus Structure

As a Plexus ambassador you will be part of a downline, which you will also have once you start to get people under you. The people who are above you are called your upline. The first day after I signed up I was invited to private Facebook groups and contacted by some very successful ambassadors personally. These groups and people were extremely friendly and answered every question I had, even the stupid ones. So don’t be afraid. Because of the compensation plan (where you earn from the people who sign up under you and under them, etc.) everyone is invested in your success. So as a new ambassador you will have people in your upline who will have more success if you have more success. What does this mean for you as a new ambassador? So if you sign up today and are wanting to start a Facebook page for your newly acquired business venture and you’re not sure whether you should start a fan page under the business or services category, just ask. It doesn’t just stop there, other ambassadors are there for you at every turn! If you have any questions at any point during your Plexus journey, ask. You can contact me anytime by clicking here. If I don’t know the answer to your question I will get it, and this is the same thing you should be willing to do if you decide to sign up. If you have researched Plexus enough to end up on this page, then you know it’s a great product. Not only for the obvious health benefits, but the opportunity it gives anyone to make some extra cash selling this product. It really just leaves one question:

How do you sign up for Plexus?

Are you ready to own your life?If the sign up process seems a little confusing, contact me here and I will send you to a detailed step-by-step guide for signing up explaining the different steps you have to take and what they mean.

Click here and you will be taken to a page where you have a chance to get a one-time discount on a welcome package. This gives you the opportunity to get your inventory started at a discounted rate. Don’t be frightened though, the only thing you will have to spend is $34.95 to get started as an ambassador.

This $34.95 is used to start and maintain your website as an ambassador. This will be your sales portal for everything in the future. If you choose not to get a welcome package just simply select the $34.95 option. You will be given 30 days to get the welcome package at a discount so you can just choose the $34.95 and take advantage of the discount later. You will also have to agree to the policies and procedures at this point. It is important to read and understand these, if you have any questions there is a knowledge base and support contacts available in your website’s dashboard. Once you have chosen this option you have a form to fill out that gets you started as a Plexus ambassador. It’s a pretty standard form, the only thing that will take a little time is choosing your subdomain name where your website will be found. The url will be www .”whatever you choose”. This is the address you will be giving people to order through your website, so choose a name that is unique.

The scary part

Here’s the biggest hold up I had as a new ambassador and probably everyone else that has signed up with Plexus. The backup order. Because of the compensation plan you will have to guarantee to Plexus that 100 PV (dollars ordered on your account or accounts in your downline) will be purchased through your website each month to collect commissions as an ambassador. This was the biggest problem I had when signing up with Plexus. I thought for some reason I would be obligated to pay this money no matter how my business went. This was not the case. Plexus uses this to ensure that the compensation plan works, the first 100 PV that goes through your website is put in a pool that is part of the compensation package. The backup order is just a guarantee that the 100 PV will be there every month that you are an ambassador making commissions. It doesn’t matter where that 100 PV comes from as long as it goes through your site. If you make enough sales to equal the sales value of 100 PV through your website, you won’t be charged the 100 PV. This is just a guarantee that you will be eligible to receive commissions earned through your replicated website. If for some reason you can’t make that sale don’t worry, you can always cancel your backup order before that money is taken out of your account. So if for some reason you can’t make it work (you probably didn’t try hard enough) just turn off your backup order and there’s nothing to worry about, but you will not be commission qualified. Once you have set up your account and have been given your unique Plexus website you can get started. I spent the first 3 hours after signing up exploring my new website. You can customize it and there’s plenty of options to tailor it to you. If you are ready to sign up send me an email here, and I’ll give you a link to a private page that explains the process in detail. If you think you can handle it on your own, click the button below. become a plexus slim ambassador Now that you know everything to expect quit wasting time! Click this link and start making some money. I look forward to talking to you once you take that plunge! Remember if you have any questions whatsoever you can contact me at anytime!   **DISCLAIMER** I have worked very hard at this business, and because of that I have seen some success. Like with anything, the amount of return you receive from your efforts is directly relevant to the amount of work you are willing to put in. This is by no means a get rich quick scheme, you will have to work to have success with Plexus. There is also no guarantee that you will succeed or make money with this business. Understand that the degree of success you will receive from your business is directly relevant to your individual skill and ability. While I will be available to assist you, I can in no way guarantee that you will make any money from Plexus. This is an opportunity you are taking at your own risk.  

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